Problems are not bad, even though they look bad and comes in a bad shape. It all depends on each one’s mentality, how we see things with the eyes of our minds. Some see the negative side of problems while others see the positive sides of problems. All the great names in history, inventor, innovators and so on, are examples of people that sees the positive side of problems. They see problems and decided to look for solutions to it, instead of magnifying it and turning away from it, and by solving the problems, they became great. Even though most of them are dead, their names are still alive on our lips, because they solve problems. Perhaps, your greatness is also hidden behind a problem, instead of magnifying the problem above your “unlimited” ability, and turning away from problems, dare to solve it. You have the ability!

  Problems are pointers to your purpose on earth. There is a problem you are created to solve here on earth. For example; The mechanic is created to solve automobile problems, the lawyer is created to solve legal problem, the accountant is created to solve financial problems. In the same vein, YOU ARE CREATED TO SOLVE A PROBLEM. When you dare to solve a problem, it makes you creative, it brings out the things you never knew you possess, and make you a wonder to yourself and to the world. Today, the world is filled with problems, but no one dares to solve them, we all put it on the government of our various nations. We are all solution providers, but we live in a world filled with problems. Let us dare to solve the problems and our names will be written in gold forever.

Author: Oluwadamilare Saint Francis



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