There are lots of reasons why we decide that we don’t like someone. Perhaps they have a personality type that we don’t enjoy, or maybe it’s the way they look or act. One thing’s for certain, the way we choose to think about a person not only affects their life, but it also affect our own personal joy and happiness.
In John 13:34, Jesus instruct us to love one another… And this includes the people we don’t necessarily like! 1corinthian13:4-7 says, love endures long and is patient and kind…love bears up under anything and everything that comes, is ever ready to believe the best of every person.

It is very important to see people the way God sees them. 1Samuel 16:7 says: for the Lord sees not as man sees; for man looks on the outward appearance, but the lord looks on the heart. If we are willing, we can learn to think about people the way God thinks about them. We’ll recognize each person as a valuable possibility instead of a potential problem.
Walking in love begins in our mind. Our thought, good or bad have a tremendous impact on those around us. They show on our face, in our body language, and in our behaviour towards people.
Thought also prepares us for action. Where the mind goes the man follows. We are never going to like everyone we encounter, but we are called to love others to the best of our ability, and the truth is, the person who you avoid all the time at work could be hurting and in need of your help, your friendship or a listening ear.
I encourage you to focus on the positive. Go out of your way to believe the best and focus on the good things about people. When you do, you are loving them like Christ… And filling your own life with his peace and joy.
I pray God grants us the grace to see people the way God sees them in Jesus name.

Author: Adekunle Oreoluwa



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