Places are very important to GOD, that was why HE created the place before creating the first man, because GOD knew man will need a place to dwell. The garden of Eden is where GOD created for Adam(the first man to stay), where GOD comes to fellowship with Adam. By divine understanding, the garden of Eden means the presence of GOD. It is not the type of garden we see in our various communities, but the place GOD comes to interact with man. This explains why Adam began to suffer when HE was “thrown out of the garden of eden”. It means HE was thrown out of the presence of GOD, because of sin, because it is an abomination for GOD to see sin~Habakkuk 1:13. So, when HE lacked the presence of GOD, he lacked access to the dominion he gets in the presence of GOD, so he began to experience poverty, insecurity, lack of direction and so on.

In the same vein, GOD have created your place before HE created you. Before, HE formed you in your mother’s womb, HE has a purpose for you, and have created the place for you to fulfil your purpose~Jeremiah 1:5. HE has created a place where your purpose will be needed. That place is your GARDEN OF EDEN. It is the only place you are guaranteed access to the presence of GOD, which guarantees your protection, provision, direction and dominion over all the issues of life. When a man(or woman) is not in his(or her) garden of Eden, he(or she) will be vulnerable to failure, sickness and disease, confusion, poverty and all kinds of sufferings, because he(or she) no longer have access to the presence of GOD, as a result of sin. Therefore, let us always examine ourselves and ensure that we always connect to the grace of GOD made available by JESUS CHRIST, which is the only way we can live above sin and live in the GARDEN OF EDEN forever.

Written by: Oluwadamilare Francis




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