I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night and I couldn’t sleep again, checked the time and saw 4:20. I tried forcing my eye to sleep to no avail. Just One thing kept me up in the night; joy. The Holy Spirit gave me this episode of this teaching series. I couldn’t wait till day break before writing as in, the Holy Spirit is too powerful and amazing to me.

From my final year in the University (my making and pruning year) through my unforgettable one year in Youth Service (the unveiling of my True Purpose) and the following year after my Youth Service, those 3-4years of my life are remarkable. I was able to discover my purpose, WROTE my purpose statement, define my VIsion and clarify my Mission.

The trouble started, I bursted into tears when I discovered that God’s plan for my life is totally different from the kind of future I had envisioned.

I saw only the weaknesses in me and told God that I can’t see myself fulfilling His Calling for my life. I had inferiority complex, stage fright, fearful and hate starting any venture for the fear of failure.

How on earth would I ever stand before people and address crowd? My heart jumped in my mouth. Smiling.

I was not only an introvert but a timid one.

I always closed my eyes when ministering in songs to control my fear but how would I teach closing my eyes. lol.

I wept and wept. Poured my feelings in my journal; questioning God for interrupting my organized plan for my life. I wanted to fulfill purpose but not the way God ordained me to. I desired fulfilling it through building a career but He said it is through ministry. Winks.

I have always seen myself doing so well in my Music Ministry but I never thought I would be a teacher of God’s Word. Smiling. A great shift in my life.

After presenting God with all my fears, The Holy Spirit took over. I am talking about the ministry of the Holy Spirit as regards empowering you for service.

When the Holy Spirit takes over a man; He transforms you into another extra-ordinary being.  The Holy Spirit has really done a great work in my personality

He endues us with POWER to do the impossible and achieve uncommon feat for the Lord.

From the arrest of Jesus, all his disciples fled! they took took to their heels. Who is ready to die! Simon Peter of all people followed Jesus from a far distance, 3 times this man who vehemently brag and confidently declared he was ready to die with Jesus publicly denied Jesus.
But the story changed after the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost. Wow!

Peter who was once a timid and coward man became very very bold to publicly declare Jesus whom he once denied. He became an oracle of God, timidity and cowardice disappears.

All the disciples who couldn’t stand to defend their faith and love for Jesus; turned the world upside down for Him.

The Holy Spirit makes the difference.

And you shall receive power after the Holy Ghost come upon you (EMPOWERMENT) and you shall be a witness to me in Samaria, Judea and Jerusalem and in the uttermost part of the earth. (SERVICE)
Acts 1:8

A witness is a voice for God.

No matter the version of our purpose we are all called to be a mouth piece for Jesus, declaring God’s mind for our generation.

Acts 2:1-47.

Are you fearful? Timid? Battling with low self-esteem? Fear of failure? Inferiority complex? Doubting your dreams and vision? Cumbered by impossibilities?

You need the Holy Spirit.

I can do ALL things through Christ that strengthens me. He’s proven that with my life.

Just a step to the podium; He will take over.

I picked the microphone for my Word Ministry on Feb 16th 2012. I was vibrating and stage fright almost choked me up but not anymore. Laughing.

You don’t know how much God can do through you until the Holy Spirit comes upon you.

Digest it.

Written by: Esther Ebunoluwa Omoniyi





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