She was told she may never run again. But sprinter English Gardner instead qualified for the Olympics after becoming the fourth-fastest American in history and the seventh fastest sprinter in world history this weekend. (Photo Credit: CBN News)

Gardner won the 100-meter dash at the U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials in Oregon on Sunday in record-time.

According to NBC, her time would have won every Olympic game ever held other than in 1988 when Florence Griffith-Joyner ran 10.62.

When Gardner crossed the finish line she was overwhelmed and immediately started praising Jesus.

“Thank You Jesus. Thank You Jesus. Oh, God I praise you. I give you so much glory,” she said, slapping the ground while on her knees.

The video of her record-setting race has more than 1 million views and 15,000 likes along with 800 comments.

Gardner’s journey has not been an easy one. She underwent knee surgery in 2008 after tearing her right ACL, MCL and lateral meniscus. Every college recruiting her withdrew their scholarship offers after the injury, except for the University of Oregon.

Four years ago Gardner thought her dream was coming to an end. She placed seventh in the 100-meter dash finals on the exact same track, CSN Philly reports.

“I cried my eyes out and came to the realization that I never wanted to feel that feeling again. And so when I crossed the line and saw the results, I didn’t really care if I came in first, second or third, I was just excited that I made the team,” Gardner said.

Before Gardner entered the race on Sunday she told The Oregonian that she gained confidence by focusing on stories from the Bible.

“I started reading a lot and reading stories – David and Goliath and Noah and Daniel in the lion’s den. Little stories like that I’ve heard as a little girl but kind of interpreting them and putting them in my life,” Gardner said.

The one character Gardner says she related to the most was Noah.

“The person I felt like I grasped the most was Noah. I felt as though year after year, I watched people have what I wanted … for me I didn’t want that to happen anymore,” she said.

Now Gardner is ranked as the second fastest in the world since the Sunday race. This summer Gardner will have two chances to win an Olympic medal, once in the 400-meter relay and once the open 100.

The track portion of the Olympic Games are scheduled to start on Aug. 12.

Source: CBN News




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