Young lady, you are not the one to look for guys, guys are the ones to look for you(The scriptures says; He that findeth a wife~Proverbs 18:22…… Not she that findeth a husband). I have discovered that only cheap ladies run after guys, and do desperate things to make sure the guy did not leave them for another lady. If you are valuable(not cheap), the guy will never leave you for another lady. So, you are to build yourself in such a way that every guy desires your attention. 

As a young lady, you are to be busy, working on your purpose, rather than busy working hard to secure a man. No responsible man leaves a purpose-driven lady for another lady, but if a lady has nothing to offer, she becomes a liability to the man, and the man will be looking for escape route.

Sex is not love and love is not sex. If sex is love, then the whores in the brothels are the most loving people on earth. If sex is all a lady can offer, then she is not different from whores in the brothels, because that is all the whores can offer too. You cannot tie down a responsible man with sex, it is only irresponsible men that can be tied down with sex. 

Good and virtuous qualities are what ties a responsible man down to you. He will not be able to go, even if you chase him away. So young lady, instead of working so hard to keep your guy, work hard on your qualities and the guy will stay.

Beauty is not also enough to keep a responsible man, because beauty cannot keep a home. As a lady, if beauty is all you can offer, I’m afraid you cannot get a responsible man. Yeah, beauty is important, but good and virtuous qualities are more important. All the money you spend on expensive make-overs can be invested in your purpose, you will become an asset(not a liability), and men will come running after you. 

I will never be attracted to a lady that has “zero quality”, no matter how fast she runs after me, but I will always be attracted to a lady with “good and virtuous qualities”, no matter how fast she run away from me. I run after my woman daily, because I always have reasons to run after her everyday.

Let me round up with this example from the Holy Scriptures. Abraham sent his servant to “FIND” a wife for Isaac, his son. The servant found the lady(Rebecca) by the well drawing water. From this story, we will discover that Rebecca was not searching for a husband, she was working(fetching water), when she was found. So, young lady, you are not to be busy looking for a man, you are to be busy, working on your purpose. Then, the right and responsible man will find you…BE WISE…!!!

Written by: Oluwadamilare Francis





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