I remember how I used to be very expectant to speak in tongues but it never happened till my final year in the University. But I must say that It doesn’t have to take that long. I later found out that it was partly because I didn’t have someone to give me sound teaching on the Holy Ghost and also my motive for wanting to speak in tongues wasn’t right, I simply fascinates blasting tongues so that I could boast of it. Laughs. More so, it is not right to get hungry for tongues without the desire to build a relationship with the Holy Spirit. I have seen many people come to me for the baptism of the Holy Ghost and through counseling I have noticed that their major hunger wasn’t for the “Holy Spirit “Himself but “tongues”

Fine I do not dispute the fact that tongues speaking is an evidence of the baptism of the Holy Ghost but in this generation I see more of people who are hungry for tongues than for the Holy Spirit that gives the tongues.

We are in the dispensation of the Holy Spirit and you won’t want to cheat yourself of all the benefits and the good the Holy Spirit can do you through sheer ignorance.

The Holy Spirit is our


John 19:13 “…the Spirit of truth…will GUIDE you into all truth” (everything you need to know just about any needful information) Romans 8:14.

*Comforter, John 14:16

*Intercessor, Romans 8:26

*Strengthener, Ephesians 3:16


*Sanctifier, John 17:17

* Advocate.

Check John 14:26 AMP

Jesus too received the Holy Ghost. Read John 1:32-34.

“But you shall receive power after the Holy Ghost come upon you..” Acts 1:8

And in Acts 2:1-4 the disciples were baptized in the Holy Ghost evident by speaking in other tongues. Please note that the disciples were not “taught tongues” they didn’t rehearse or memorise it but The Holy Spirit gave them the utterance, He gave them other tongues.

Remember I said at the beginning of this teaching that the baptism/infilling of the Holy Ghost is not just an experience; He lives in us, dwell in us, and makes his home in us.

Step 1

You must be saved. The Salvation of your soul must happen before you start praying for the baptism of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Spirit is a gift of God to the believers only. Salvation and infilling/ baptism of the Holy Spirit are separate

Are you born again?

Did you say yes or no, or you are confused? definitely you will know if you are born again. Romans 8:16 there’s a witness in our spirit.

So what is your spirit saying about your relationship with God?

If you are in doubt, I beg you to personally talk to God right now, confess your sins and invite Jesus into your heart. He’s been waiting for long for you to surrender your life to Him. Rev 3:20

Do you feel you need someone to talk to and also lead you to Christ? I will be very glad to be that person.

Please call +234 (0) 706 850 0625.

If you are born again but you are yet to be baptised in the Holy ghost I am assuring you that you will be baptized in no time; the Holy Spirit told me that right in your closet you will be baptized all I need you to do is to just Focus on the Holy Spirit and meditate on these Scriptures

Written by: Esther Ebunoluwa Omoniyi




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