The beautiful hug merged two longing souls together in a love web. She silently whispered a prayer in her mind that absolutely nothing would interrupts that romantic atmosphere. Still unsure of whom she was directing her prayers to; she followed his rhythm movement into the bedroom.

“I love you very much Victoria”

Trying to gather her vocal chords to produce the sound, she whisp”I love you too Daniel ”

Clinging to each other… Adam and Eve became naked.

It all seemed so pleasurable and nothing else was more important than exploring each other’s body.

The moment seemed a long time like eternity but it soon ended after all

They both separated and lie side by side on the bed relaxing their hormones. She was feeling relaxed with a big sense of satisfaction. Daniel on the other hand was looking into the bedroom ceiling giving thanks to a deity he was unusual of; he felt like a big tumor was cut off his neck. He had been looking forward to having sex with Victoria for like a Month. It wasn’t like they were both virgins but whenever they attend any singles and youths program, the messages on holiness always hit them on the heart like a hamper on a wood. Often times, Victoria had threatened to quit the relationship in the euphoria of her new resolutions but somehow they always end up on the bed

“How many more messages will you listen to before you yield your life totally to Jesus

How many more facebook messages and articles will you read before you realize that Jesus loves you dearly?

The voice of the guest minister resounds in Victoria’s head, she jumped out of Daniel’s bed; pick up her blouse from the floor and her skirt from the reading table…she was about stepping out of the room when Daniel stood up and held her by the hand.

“What’s the problem Vicky?

She looked into his eyes and bursted into tears.

“Oh no! Not again”

Daniel let go of her hand and sat on the chair dejectedly, Trying to find the right word to say to console his fiancee of 3years. He couldn’t find his tongue so he wrapped his head on his palms.

“You have promised me this will never happen between us again ”

“Victoria! I know I promised,but the flesh is willing but our spirit is weak” Daniel defended their sin.

Where do we go from here?

They BOTH cried helplessly

Kings and Queens, I feel what you are passing through, you have answered countless altar calls, made thousands of purity resolutions,paste purity pledge in your room and wear the badge yet sexual purity seemed impossible for you

You have a good heart to change your ways but the problem is Just that you have failed to plan HOW to stand chaste. Yes, take my word for it.

I have a knowing that God has seen your struggles and I will by His leading give you few tips to help you stay chaste. Great if you haven’t fallen into the sin but if you have, great if you are ready to stay through till your wedding night.

The scenario above is a good situation, Daniel and Victoria are both ready to live a godly life, have a pure courtship.

You both need help and counseling

For this platform I will give you just few tips

1. Keep your relationship open

Hide and seek is a game of secrecy. Keeping your relationship a top secret is not only unsafe but will always make you vulnerable to extremity. If the only person that knows you are in that relationship is you and him/her you are in a secret dating.

Where do you meet?

In a corner of your street at night? His/her friends place? At the backyard?

Who knows about your relationship? What influence does the person has over your life and decisions? The person could be your pastor, mentor or anyone who has spiritual authority over you. Your parents must also be your accountability partners.

2. Report yourself

I was counseling a lady who was making a commitment to sexual purity, I asked her to report herself to her pastor, mentor or her mother. Is that difficult for you? It is a basic step if you are truly ready to live a sexually pure life. How helpful will this step be?

When you confess your sin to God and made that resolution, you need to surround yourself with people who have the capacity and strong arms to encourage you from time to time, hiding the wound is dangerous for you.

3. Define your boundary

This is a very paramount aspect of this matter, if you notice the story of Victoria and Daniel, you will discover that spending time alone with each other is their major weak zone. Let me be very plain and honest with you;Stop meeting each other in secluded places! you have to pause visiting him in his house for a while! fix your meeting in your parents house or some other places where you can spend time together freely without getting intimate

Written by: Esther Ebunoluwa Omoniyi  

For counseling +234(0)7068500625




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