This message came one afternoon while discussing a very important issue of our destiny with my husband.

Something came up and it required us to make a decision

We thought about the matter and concluded we sure need to pray about it before taking a decision on it.

We prayed and went to bed.

I found myself laughing like, if you are spiritually deaf before marriage you will be spiritual deaf after marriage.

Seeking “God’s will” is not only for “marriage”

As a matter of fact, if you have a problem praying through and seeking God for directions over little stuffs in your life, it will be difficult to receive direction in big matters.

Also, if prophets or your pastor are the ones who bailed you on when choosing a marital partner; I bet you will have no choice than to patronize them as long as you remain spiritually deaf.

I woke up early in the morning and I prayed about the matter that God should guide my husband and lead us…opening up my mind too to think.

And of course when my husband came to me, he asked me if the Lord has ministered anything to my heart. He told me he prayed that the Lord should speak to me too on what He will have us do. Smiling.

It is not enough to say the brother is “convinced ” as a single sister you must be convinced too that God is leading you into that relationship. I have been teaching this for years. Hmmm

As a married woman, with the doings of God with my husband over time, I trust the spirit of God in him to the extent that even if I don’t receive any leading of God concerning a matter ,I will follow his lead.

This was probably the situation between Abraham and Sarah.

Imagine your husband wakes up one day and inform you that God has instructed to leave your house to a place “God will later show him ”

Submission was easy because the woman knows her husband is connected to God.

Single Brothers, please Marriage involves “valley of decisions” so stop doing guess work with your life, develop your relationship with Christ. You are going to be the husband, the father, the leader, priest, pastor of your home. Get rooted in God!

Your decisions can make or Mar the destiny of your family.

Remember Lot?

He chose the location that appears right to him but the end thereof badly affected his family. If he had built houses in Sodom, had farm lands, probably his wife had a boutique… Whatever they had was razed down with fire,no wonder the wife couldn’t but look back.He was asked by the angels to go to the mountain yet this shortsighted man headed to the cave leaving his daughters no choice than to sleep with their father.

Brothers, leave all those “swag” get serious with your relationship with God! You are not gonna be a “guy” forever

Are you born again?

If not, surrender your life to Jesus Christ and start the fellowship with God.

As you spend time with God in prayers and Word study, you will get your ears,eyes and Spirit man sharpen to receive leading from the Lord.

Start getting God involve in every little details of your life

I love you friends.

Written by: Esther Ebunoluwa Omoniyi




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