Exodus 33:19b. I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion. 

Showing mercy and compassion are God’s prerogative. He decides who gets it and who doesn’t. It means that to get hold of his compassion, there are certain things God looks out for in anyone whom he has decided to show his mercy.

Moses was a man who found grace in the sight of God. God was so gracious to him to the point he became a ‘God’ to Pharaoh (Exodus 7:1). 

When a man obtains compassion from God, everything works out for such an individual as seen in the life of Moses who led the children of Israel out of captivity after many years of slavery and servitude. He became their leader in Egypt a land where he was once a fugitive. God’s mercy wiped out his past history and gave him a clean start. His sins were forgotten and Moses who as a result of fear ran away from Egypt returned as a deliverer.An encounter with God’s compassion is able to re-write our stories and ultimately our destinies. His mercies are new everyday because he is a faithful father (Lamentations 3:23). 

However not everyone enjoys  God’s compassion.As found in every discipline, there is always a way of doing or activating things. If we study and meditate enough on his word,we would discover how to perpetually flourish in the mercies of God. Jesus gave an insight into one of the ways of tapping into God’s compassion. When he fed a multitude of 4000 ( Mark 8:1-3), his compassion for them arose because they continued with him not minding the fact they have had nothing to eat. 

Friends, we see that continually following after him whether we have what we want or not qualifies us for his compassion. We must commit to a life of seeking and thirsting hard after God (Psalm 63:1). The four thousand came from afar, they had not eaten for three days, yet they continued with Jesus. 

Let us constantly remind ourselves that nothing is strong enough to make us depart from following him continually. Remember if we abide with him continually, we partake of whatever he has to offer.  Cheers

Written by: Olajide David




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