​I would like us to understand that God has a plan for us all. The bible says – “all things work out for those who love the Lord” – Rom 8:28.

This scripture always encourages me because of the words “All things.”

“All” means everything , including the good,bad and ugly in our lives. Trials also fall into the category of “all things.” You see, friend, trials aren’t bad for a believer, they happen to us for many reasons that we might not understand when going through it.

Understand that we are serving a gracious and awesome God, so despite how they make you feel, trials add value to our lives even, when we cannot see the good.

Here are 5 reasons why trials and adversity can benefit us as believers:

1. Trials test our motives – (Deut 8:1-3)

Trials come to gauge what are really made of. Watch how you react when trials or adversity come your way. Do you respond negatively or positively? Do you go back to old ways? Do you resort to blaming? Pay attention to the lesson in the trial, so you can lead a victorious life.

2. Trials produce perseverance. (Rom 5: 1-5)

We have to learn to wait on God and lean on Him when we go through trials. Your destiny can’t be microwaved into fulfilment. You need perseverance to prevail. Sometimes we have to stay in one position or go through certain things in life to build strength within us. This usually breeds good character over time.

3. Trials work humility within us (Acts 20:19)

Trials help us develop humility. There are time when God uses trials to strip us of pride and to humble us. During adversity, we can always learn humility. See our series on Humility to learn more in-depth benefits that come when you’re humble.

4. Trials help us build empathy (2 Cor1:3-4)

We cannot empathise with people when we haven’t been through certain things ourselves. Try looking at your trials from another perspective. They can help you bless others.

5. Trials can happen due to disobedience

Disobedience has consequences. Trials do happen to us due to breaking God’s laws or human laws. Still, there is always a lesson to be learned while you’re in the midst of a trial.

Friends, whatever you are going through God sees it all and knows it all.

We receive a countless number of your prayer requests and letters and we understand that sometimes life gets tough. Remember God’s word says “he will not give you more than you can bear.” God says “he will never leave you nor forsake you.” He will be with you wherever you are right now. Just trust He has a plan.

We stand with you in prayer and believe that this storm will pass in your life. You will become a beacon of hope for other people in Jesus’ name.

You are blessed and highly favoured. Your best years are ahead of you, my friend. Start overcoming today!

Source: samadeyemi.net





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