Paul Ciniraj came from a prominent Muslim family and Son of an Islamic scholar in Southeast Asia. His grandfather was a pioneer and founder of the mosque in their place and their ancestral home is right beside it. He grew up in a Muslim environment with a good foundation and great love for Islam and its teachings. Many locals thought he would follow to footsteps of his ancestors and that he would also become a religious leader of their faith.

When Ciniraj went off for college, there he learned all sorts of crazy things he did. He drank, smoked, took drugs, streaked naked across the college vicinities, all of which are prohibited in the Muslim faith. His whole family got the news that Ciniraj became the new ‘Rowdy’ in his college, which made them all upset and made them cut his allowances.

All his friends when he had money slowly vanished when he had none. He felt so lost and messed up. This led to his Christian classmates opening up and befriending him. They we’re so compassionate they shared God’s love, mercy, and grace to Ciniraj. But he constantly refused. He felt so offended and angry at Christians who enforced their faith on him, knowing he’s a deeply founded Muslim.

One night, God revealed a powerful vision to Ciniraj. The Holy Spirit flashed all his sins from his childhood up to his present life upon his eyes, each one gave him painful blisters where pus came out, burning him and gave him unbearable stench, and worms began to creep into his body penetrating his marrows dragging him to hell.

Terrified that nobody was there to save him, Ciniraj shouted “God, save me!” A holy man, dressed in blinding white cloth, descended from heaven and touched him. From that moment, he closed his eyes and he knew deep inside it was Jesus. When he opened his eyes, his blisters and other oppressions were gone. He was cleansed by Jesus. He realized that Jesus paid the price for his sins. From then on, he went to his classmates and took time to know more about the Christian faith and eventually accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

He did not go through an easy life with his family opposing to his new faith, he was persecuted, his jaw was ripped open with a knife by his cousin. After his recovery, he used that testimony to reach out to his family and even to his cousin who stabbed him. Today, Paul Cirinaj is now a witness for Jesus all over the Middle East and founder of Bibles4MidEast.





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